EGESAN grinding wheels are manufatured exclusively from high quality raw materials of which the particulars are as following:

Regular Brown corundum with a %96 alumina content. Grinding wheels of thia material are particularly suitable for the rough grinding of iron and steel, welded seams, plate edges and the like, for the preeliminary griinding of coarse tools.

EKR Red or white special corundum with 99% - 99.5% alumina content.

EKW Speicla corundum grinding wheels are used for grinding quality tools such as knives and for the working of very hard, alloyed nitrated steels.

HK A mixture of regular Brown corundum and white special corundum for use in special cases, where it is necessary to combine the properties of the tougher regular corundum with those of the more brittle special corundum to produce a grinding Wheel.

SCG Green silicon carbide for grinding hard metals, fireclay, plastic products

SIC Black silicon carbide, particularly in coarse granulations suitable for the rough grinding of grey and chilled cast iron and non ferrous metals.

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